Special from $133, Launch ur Store, Product or Service with fireworks. Ends Dec.25


End of Year Special DIY Media Coverage
Are you looking to give your NEW store, New line or Product an extra marketing boost or just starting out and don’t know what else you can do to get visitors to buy your products. Nobody knows Who you are?

Then this is for you.
Or you have a an expertise in your field, but you have worked for your boss before and couldn’t say much on media. Well now is the Time to Rock that boat!
Another tangible way to increase your conversion rates?
Introducing our Media piece service, which gets your store in the news;

…to spread your unique message,
find greater public exposure,
and enjoy an increase in conversions and sales…

…increase your online presence…
build strong relationships…
get KEY media coverage…
and attract NATURAL backlinks, referrals and mentions of your brand in over 30 affiliate national sites across the nation.
Oh, and if you want an SEO advantage, this gives it to you – and we take care of your keyword research! 🙂
(It’s all REAL link juice from high-authority brands!)

Wondering if you have something newsworthy to say about your store?
NO WORRIES…it could be about a new product line…your store launching…excellent customer reception…holiday sales…etc.
Here’s our “30+ Reasons & Ideas” article for inspiration: https://tripleagentdigitalmedia.com/31-reasons-ideas-to-do-a-press-release-for-your-business/

With our years of experience in digital marketing, we’ve had the great privilege of sharing our unique message with audiences all over America.
11 of these media pieces for Carnegie Hall one n only last year business event . Sample with Martha Stewart is from that event and we published for all speakers, one each
See our stories at NASDAQ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTArHbnRlxk

We’ve been in e-commerce for over 4 years (starting in Amazon), now integrating our digital marketing experience into GrooveKart (backed them in Dec.2018) – helping stores to grow their authority, sales, referrals and “talked-aboutness” (is that even a word?) with the same strategies as household names, such as Martha Stewart…
…for instance: https://is.gd/chprms

Yes, Martha Stewart speaking at Carnegie Hall.
Yes, we did a press release for her via the organizer – with a 100% approved bio.
Along with 10 others – including Ice-T & Coco, Dan Kennedy, Michael Gerber, Hal Elrod, Stephen Larsen, Walter O’Brien (“Scorpion”), Jerry Greenfield (Ben & Jerry’s), and more…

We also took on a client in the financial services industry (highly regulated) and scaled them up from scratch in 2.5 months.

After 5 organic traffic PR’s, 2 brand awareness PR’s, it became so powerful that WE were outranking the client – simply because his site couldn’t host the 5 “organic” PRs! It was ClickFunnels – my condolences lol. Not by our own intention, we simply wanted to help our client by placing the releases on our site.
2.5 short months we ended up on pg 3 organically for his keywords. With practically no effort.
The moment our client saw that, we transferred him to a better platform.


Not only GK – but pretty much ANY kind of business! BEST part is you/your site becomes mini PR Newswire, all authority goes to you not big guys/distributors.

Our PR’s come in 3 different flavors to suit your needs: organic traffic, local marketing, & brand awareness. This gives you the ability to leverage our powerful network of media connections to market yourself for just about anything.

The best part? You can have a business brand…and a personal brand.
If you sell your store, your personal brand stays with you. Nothing can take it away from you – because it’s around YOUR NAME. You can market it however you want – all the while using this same strategy for any other business you own.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Choose one of the 3 types and let’s get started taking YOUR store or business to the next level!

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Special from $133, Launch ur Store, Product or Service with fireworks. Ends Dec.25


We call it Authority Confirmation of Your Expertise/Brand, Product, … DIY. Generate hundreds Dynamic signals that matter to Search Engines about your GK store,Brand, New Launch what have you, increase conversion rates, and get an SEO boost – share your story in REAL ABC, NBC, CBS, CW; FOX News media sites with 100s signals. Works in any niche.
upto 2500 words. 10 images, 5 videos – NO Extra Charge. Stays for as long as internet exist. Other publishers remove them after as early as 30 days.
See table comparing other outlets. BETTER YET is GET 3X PR for just $399.
That’s $133 a piece, regular price is $297 for one.
You write the content, we layout to the distributors’ specs, SEO optimize it, run it by you for approval and publish it. Takes 24-72 hours.
We can write content for you, the fees are in addition to the PR. Please contact

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